Welcome to MyCloudTeacher’s Podcast on Digital Transformation

Fueled by Human Passion And Creativity

And Enhanced with the very Digital Transformation I preach

We all need our creative outlets. One of mine is this Podcast. MyCloudTeacher’s Digital Transformation Podcast is a bit different than the content you will receive on this site. The Podcast is my AI enhanced exploration of the true forces behind digital change. In this podcast I mediate on profound truths from various epochs in our history.

Using the lessons from previous epochs of our history, I intend to deliver to you an enhanced view of our own times.

Episode 0: Technology Awakenings

There’s a transformation underway in our world. Powered by humanity’s insatiable quest to build tools mMay I present to you The Now. You’re not alone if you sense a great force at work in our present times. It’s been known as the Winds of Change, The Great Awakening, or the Changing of Tides. Today, we call it Digital Transformation. Searching for the nature of this essence, I inevitably fall upon a saga. Having drunk from the wellspring of technology all of my life I’m compelled to seek the truth of this great enigma. I call to name the great force. Something each feel bearing down on us in our modern lives. Each feeling its heat in a different way. In these uncertain times I ponder the audacious idea: That the forces of digital change are universal.


Episode 1: Engagements.

Evidence of technology rests along side our own bones throughout antiquity. We find ancient ash from extinguished fire and the long discarded scraps of meals – Having been skewered, and pulled apart, from their natural place by willful hands. Equipped with razor sharp cutters, and fine tipped pokers: Our ancestors tamed their world. Just as we try to tame ours; In the future, they’ll find scraps of wireless headphones, Or perhaps, even your missing bus pass. Whether its carefully sculpted stone, or the ancient dust of a long extinguished fire: Its clear, Technology is bound to us.